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Gas Canister
Cylinder Certification

Recovery Cylinder Hydrotest & Refurbish Program

Refrigerant recovery cylinders require a Department of Transportation (DOT) hydrostatic recertification every 5 years. This requires the cylinder to have a visual, internal and external examination. All tanks must pass a hydrostatic pressure test to prove strength and integrity.

Hydrostatic test & recertification


  • removal of oil

  • hydrostatic test

  • internal drying

  • dip tube inspection and replacement as needed

  • dual port valve inspection and replacement as needed

  • test date stamped on the cylinder


We service the following size of cylinders: 30/50 lb.recovery cylinders (DOT 4BA,4BW)
96 lb..recovery cylinders (DOT)
125 lb..recovery cylinders (DOT 4BA,4BW)
240 lb. recovery cylinders (DOT 4BA,4BW)
1000 lb..recovery cylinders (DOT 4BA,4BW)

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