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Join our Cylinder Exchange Program

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Save cylinder handling time and receive money back for your used refrigerants.

Detailed EPA compliant reports for each exchange you do with RI.

We provide Clean/ Painted, DOT certified, in Vacuum cylinders that are “field ready”.

The advantages to your customers are numerous. Cylinders are readily available; meet all DOT standards; vacuumed and ready for field use; and customers have access to an EPA certified facility to assure proper disposition of recovered refrigerant. Customers using the Cylinder Exchange Program return cylinders on average three-to four times within a twelve month period.

As part of the program, each customer may receive a detailed Material Data Sheet (MDS) listing the number and size of each cylinder returned, the type and quantity of recovered refrigerant, and copies of the MDS for maintaining EPA records. Or we can maintain these records under one account for you as well.

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