On-Site Recovery

Refrigerants Inc. (RI) specializes in all refrigerant recovery applications, from light residential split systems to industrial-sized chillers. Our on-site recovery equipment allows us to recover any size job efficiently and seamlessly. Whether on a high-rise, rack system or large chillers, our technicians and recovery equipment will complete the job on time.

RI utilizes mobile units specially engineered to do recovery projects with little to no interruption of business operations. RI brings its own power supply to the project, eliminating the need to use onsite energy. This is crucial for demolition projects where power may not be available.

We use DOT-compliant recovery cylinders. Upon project, completion refrigerant is transported to our facility for testing and processing or left onsite at the client’s request.

Unique to RI’s recovery services is our Denver-based EPA certified reclamation facility in which RI processes recovered refrigerant to ARI-700 standards and packages it for re-sale, thereby allowing customers to participate in recycling used refrigerant. This makes recovery projects “green projects,” that preserve our environment.

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Cylinder Certification

Recovery Cylinder Hydrotest & Refurbish Program

Refrigerant recovery cylinders require a Department of Transportation (DOT) hydrostatic recertification every 5 years. This requires the cylinder to have a visual, internal and external examination. All tanks must pass a hydrostatic pressure test to prove strength and integrity.

Hydrostatic test & recertification


  • removal of oil

  • hydrostatic test

  • internal drying

  • dip tube inspection and replacement as needed

  • dual port valve inspection and replacement as needed

  • test date stamped on the cylinder


We service the following size of cylinders: 30/50 lb.recovery cylinders (DOT 4BA,4BW)
96 lb..recovery cylinders (DOT)
125 lb..recovery cylinders (DOT 4BA,4BW)
240 lb. recovery cylinders (DOT 4BA,4BW)
1000 lb..recovery cylinders (DOT 4BA,4BW)